Annual Results

Annual Results

Those gentle hours that plenty bade to bloom,
Those calm desires that asked but little room,
Those healthful sports that graced the peaceful scene,
Lived in each look, and brightened all the green;

From “The Deserted Village”
Oliver Goldsmith

We have taken part in the Tidy Towns Competition every year, since 2006. Here are the summary remarks for the past several years along with links to the adjudication reports.

2019 Competition Results

Dunlavin is a beautiful village with much to recommend it that this adjudicator hadn’t realised before as I had only ever driven through and not stopped.

  Read the 2019 Tidy Towns Adjudication Report here

2018 Competition Results

I was very impressed by the architectural quality of your streetscape and enjoyed my visit to your beautiful village. Try to consider locations for large growing trees to help continue the rich natural heritage that previous generations planted.

  Read the 2018 Tidy Towns Adjudication Report here

2017 Competition Results

You have gained marks this year across a number of the Competition categories. Dunlavin Tidy Towns and your support network have put a great effort in to make Dunlavin a better place to live, work and visit and your desire to retain the status of Dunlavin as an attractive Heritage Town is evident. You have plenty of scope for improvement across some categories and it would be worth giving these additional focus in the coming year. We hope you found our comments helpful and we wish you well in your endeavours for the year ahead.

  Read the 2017 Tidy Towns Adjudication Report here

2016 Competition Results

We commend the members of Dunlavin TidyTowns and your support network (who assist you with clean-ups and fundraising) for maintaining and enhancing your town. You have raised your marks this year in some categories and have a number of projects underway or planned that will hopefully come to fruition in time for next year’s competition and should assist you in gaining more marks. We hope that you can take on board some of the recommendations to further assist you. Overall, you should be pleased with your efforts – congratulations!

 Read the 2016 Tidy Towns Adjudication Report here

2015 Competition Results

As a town facing the challenges of the current economic realities we wish you all the best of luck. All involved with this year’s entry are warmly thanked and we wish you well for your plans for 2016.

 Read the 2015 Tidy Towns Adjudication Report here

2014 Competition Results

Since you entered in 2006 you have as you say made steady progress but the Town has far more potential to do even better in the years aheadWell done on your good work to date

 Read the 2014 Tidy Towns Adjudication Report here

2013 Competition Results

Well done on your success this year. We hope that this report will provide guidance for future improvement plans and we look forward to receiving your application in 2014

 Read the 2013 Tidy Towns Adjudication Report here

2012 Competition Results

In your entry form you describe Dunlavin as “a well laid out town. The open greens and mature trees are a great asset”. The adjudicator wholeheartedly agrees. Thank you Dunlavin Tidy Towns for your entry into this year’s Tidy Towns Competition. We look forward to receiving your entry to the 2013 Tidy Towns Competition

 Read the 2012 Tidy Towns Adjudication Report here